Concept design is about defining the overall creative and aesthetic vision for the defined space. It starts from a general idea – or concept – and defines the style, atmosphere, colors, materials, furniture and decorative elements that will be used to bring the space to life.


During this phase, JV Design Creation works closely with you to understand your needs, preferences and budget. This information guides the development of a unique concept, a story that reflects your personality and your goals for the space.


Concept Design for your space is often presented in the form of inspiration boards, mood boards and sketches, which form the backbone for the subsequent development of the project, including the creation of detailed plans, the selection of materials and furnishings, as well as for architectural follow-up during construction or renovation.


In short, when it comes to designing interiors, Concept Design is an essential step in creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior that tells a story in keeping with your needs and tastes.

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